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Programming the Adlib/Sound Blaster FM Music Chips by Jeffrey S. Lee

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Adlib-DigiSnap -- should have gotten this link up sooner ... the device allows you to record music directly from the OPL2 chip.  Of course, you have to be to do solder work!  :-)


OPL2 Trackers/Music Creation Programs

--Unless otherwise noted, the programs below are DOS based.

Program Name Author Size Comments
AdPlug Simon Peter et. al
This is a Windows WinAMP plugin that plays most (if not all) of the adlib formats that are listed on this page.  GRAB THIS ONE!!
AMUSIC v1.12 The Conquerer of Elysis 80k  
Composer 667 Tran 20k Vintage OPL2 tracker from Renaissance
Digital FM Tracker Rene Verhaag 54k Not really digital (no digital samples)
Edlib v1.05a Jens-Christian Huus of the Vibrants 129k The best sound quality!
Faust Music Creator v1.1 Lassee Öörni 31k  
FM HSC Tracker v2.0 Steve Bigras 117k  
FM Tracker v1.45 Morten Stenshorne 78k  
GMS Tracker v1.00 Roland Acton 118k  
HSC Tracker v1.5 Chicken of the Electronic Rats 148k  
Reality Adlib Tracker v1.1a Shayde, Rogue, & Void of Reality Productions 111k  
Surprise! Adlib Tracker v2.0 Erik of Surprise! Productions 190k  
Scream Tracker v3.21 Sami Tammilehto of the Future Crew 179k Nice tracker! Primarily a digital tracker, but you can create FM songs with it too. Don't try to mix the FM and the digital samples together; there seems to be a timing bug between the two.

OPL2 Music Players

Program Name Author Size Comments
Adlib Music Disk I Sanxion    
Adlib Music Disk II Sanxion    
Ganbatte! v2.0d .D00 file player
(zipped), (WinAMP self installing)
OPLx (zip: 114k, exe: 148k) This is a Windows WinAMP plugin that plays .D00 & .D01 files.
Grafik HSC Player v1.06

DOS Source
 OPLx   Simple .HSC player shell by yours truly ...
MUS Lib Home Page Vladimir Arnost   Go to the home page ... tons of stuff there.
RDOS Playerv.21b (beta)
RDOS of Dimension   This unique PC OPL2 player supports just about ALL FM formats on the PC. Check it out!
Twin TrackPlayer v0.95 TwinTeam   This one does some really nice things with the OPL2!! It also has a real-time oscilloscope (if you have a true Sound Blaster card with the on board mixer).
SBVGM 1.20
OPLx (zip: 290k) Plays VGM/VGZ files on Adlib, Game Blaster, or Sound Blaster (1.0, 1.5 or 2.0).
Super Sound Gram v1.05 Taeho Kwon   This is an Adlib .ROL format player for DOS. You'll need Adlib's SOUND.COM program to use it.

OPL2 Instrument Editors
Program Name Author Size Comments
Folk FM Instrument Editor v1.02 Golden Weeds Project Japan

FMED v1.01

it also creates OPL3 based instruments
SBTimbre v3.50 Jamie O'Connell 139k

Last updated: January 3, 2018